Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Algae: Buying Guide

There are a wide array of beautiful and amazing swimming pools around the world such as the Grace Santorini pool in Greece, the Sarojin in Thailand, the Joule Hotel pool in the US, and of course the Marina Bay Sands pool in Singapore.

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner for Algae

Now while we can afford to take hours of our time into gazing at these beautiful sites of pure and blue-skied pools, we fail to observe one thing. The only difference, at least the major one, between these amazing pools and the ones in your local neighborhood is in their area of maintenance, hygiene maintenance precisely.

Good things require a great deal of effort. Thus it shouldn’t surprise you to know that those eye catchy pools you so much adore, consume a colossal of hygiene maintenance.

Okay, Let’s take for instance the Joule’s hotel pool in Dallas. Do you think it would have made it into this list of wonderful pools if it was full of an unhygienic organism like Algae? Absolutely not!

And thanks to science and technology, these major pools now make use of robotic cleaners which as a result help in making the cleaning process a swift and less daunting process.

That being said, today, we’ll be looking at the best robotic pool cleaner for algae and things to consider before getting one. So without further ado, let’s get started!

What’s an Algae?

If you stayed in a swampy area during your childhood days, then you must have been accustomed to the term Algae because they’re mostly found in such areas.

Thus, algae are those greenish substances that grow beside any water log like a swimming pool. And most often than not, whenever quick measures are not taken to curb its spread, the whole pool could end up being greenish in color. And as we speak, the most effective way in which one can prevent this from forming in their pool is through the use of robotic pool cleaners.

Robotic Pool Cleaner for Algae

What are Robotic Pool Cleaners?

These cleaners are just a way in which technology decided to take the burden of manual pool cleaning away from us.

Designed to carry out a plethora of tasks like vacuum cleaning and a host of others, the robotic pool cleaner cleans out the pool for us even when we are not around. Meaning, you can afford to travels for days without having a second thought of coming home to an algae-filled pool.

Now, it’s not just enough to own one of these. To get the best robotic pool cleaners for algae, you’ll have to take some pivotal things into consideration.

This is so because in respect to robotic pool cleaners, owing to the numbers of varieties we have in the market, the best is dependent on what your choices are.

Find How to Rid Your Pool of Algae

So what should you take into consideration?

Pool size

Just like in every other appliance, robotic pool cleaners come in a different variation. While some are designed to work only on small sized pools, the rest are meant to be used in large-sized swimming pools.

So, if you own a large size pool that is filled with algae, avoid opting for a small sized capacity cleaner, as that will only incur additional cost and breakdown. Instead, aim at robotic pool cleaners that were designed to take on large sized pools.


Algae often form on pool walls, at least at the initial phase before spreading to the entire pool. And while some robotic pool cleaners are made to work on sides (walls) only, that is, to vacuum clean or suck dirt and organisms like algae from the sides alone, some, on the other hand, can afford to clean the entire surface.

So if the Algae in your pool has already spread throughout the pool, you might want to consider getting an entire surface robotic pool cleaner rather than a side only cleaner.

Get Rid Your Pool of Algae


Satisfaction is only derived when the right thing is done, and in robotic pool cleaners, the case is no different. For those of us that own a big pool, there might be small size dirt (debris) in our pool that may go unnoticed.

However, to get rid of this, you will need to get a highly sophisticated robotic pool cleaner that can remove every single particle of dirt and Algae, no matter how big or small. And most often than not, most of the robotic pool cleaners with this large capacity are costly.

Thus, to get the best robotic pool cleaner for algae in your pool, it’s best to take into account the above-mentioned factors, to avoid getting the wrong robotic pool cleaner, wasting resources and having an unsatisfactory cleaning experience!

Pool of Algae


Our Top Robotic Pool Cleaner Picks

Our Top Pick: Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier Robotic 2018 is among the best automatic pool cleaners you can find available on the market today. Along with cleaning the bottom of the swimming pool, the device is flexible enough to climb up the walls and clean those as well. It comes with smart control having a weekly timer so that your pool will be cleaned without you having to remember to set the cleaning. It also offers a tangle-free swivel, so you will never come home only to discover that the robotic pool cleaner got stuck in a corner and didn’t do an adequate job.

Our "Budget" Pick: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerThe Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an "affordable" robotic pool cleaner. The robot can thoroughly clean an average swimming pool in about 2 hours. Once in operation, the sensors can also detect barriers in the base of your pool, avoid them and return to the charted path without minimal interruption in its cleaning routine. Some robotic pool cleaners would cost you a fortune to do this, but the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus does this at the price of a top-end pressure-side pool cleaner, without the few 100 dollars’ extra costs for a booster pump.