How Long do Robotic Pool Cleaners Last?

Over the past few years, people rely on technological advancement to provide new ways of performing tasks. Technology not only provides faster means of completing tasks but also effective ways of going about it.

How Long do Robotic Pool Cleaners Last?

Pool cleaning also experienced technological advances with the invention of robotic pool cleaners. Due to the ease of installation and operation, they have become the go-to choice of multiple pool owners over the years. Offering pool owners a hassle-free and fast way to ensure their swimming pool stays clean and clear of dirt. The robotic pool cleaner hits the bull’s eye on delivering value for money.

How Long Can I Use My Robotic Pool Cleaner?

Very often we purchase products offering lots of value for our money, but within a short period, these products break down leaving us at a loss. A robotic pool cleaner provides a high return on investment. They last between four to five years, with proper maintenance taking that number to over eight years. Though cheaper variants offer no such longevity, they do come with a life span of at least three years with proper maintenance.

Although maintenance is needed for a robotic pool cleaner, especially to clean out the debris, there is no costly year maintenance. Once it is done with, you simply replace it.

While the cheaper models tend to last only for three years, a little more costly model can very well last up to 8 years without needing to be replaced. Some of the top-end models such as the Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner offer a 3 year warranty. The better robotic pool cleaners usually have smart features that will clean hard-to-reach corners and steps, and give your swimming pool a thorough cleaning in less time.

How long should my swimming pool cleaner last?

How They Work

They come in with either a square or round shaped design and measure 12 inches in height and 35 inches in diameter. They have rollers, tracks, and brushes attached to the side and underneath them.

Most units operate through the use of a 50 – 40 ft long power cord. A transformer connected with an outlet of your building serves as an input for the power cord. Other units don’t have this power cord and operate using jet propulsion.

Robotic Pool Cleaners use 4-5 cleaning modes in cleaning your pool. They take spiral and criss-cross movements to ensure no area in your pool is left out. They can also perform wall climbing navigation for effective cleaning.

Some robotic pool cleaners are designed with features such as touch, distance or infrared sensors, which help to aid navigation and avoid obstacles. Remotely controlled models and models that are capable of scrubbing tile above the water line are also available.

Robot Pool Cleaners Frequently Asked Questions

Major Types of Robotic Pool Cleaners

There are two basic types of robotic pool cleaners, the aboveground model and the in-ground model. The telling difference between both models is the in-ground is designed to climb walls, steps, and slopes. While the aboveground isn’t capable of performing such functions.

Though hybrid units which provide both features of the aboveground model and the in-ground model are available.

What Value Comes With Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic cleaners can arguably be the best pool cleaning method, as they offer cleaner pools. Robotic cleaners maintain energy efficiency while cleaning all the areas of your pool, inclusive of steps and awkward positions.

Using a robotic cleaner for cleaning reduces the need for high chemical usage during pool cleaning. Moreover, it comes with other benefits such as optimum water filtration, and full automation. Its compact design also aids mobility during cleaning.

The only drawback of robotic pool cleaners is the need to clean it after each usage. Though cleaning it is quite easy, and shouldn’t take longer than 7 minutes of your time.

Are you thinking of buying a robotic pool cleaner?

What to Look For When Getting a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Before buying a robotic pool cleaner, one key factor that should govern your choice is your pool surface. Though all robotic cleaners can operate with all pool types. Robotic cleaners with strong and durable features such as tracks and rollers are better suited for pools with abrasive surfaces. Such as pools with pebble surfaces.

While robotic cleaners with gentle features and no sharp edges are best suited for pools with flexible and soft surface finishes, an example is a pool having a vinyl surface finish.

Maintaining Your Robotic Pool Cleaner

As with virtually all things, proper maintenance is required to achieve long-lasting optimum performance on your robotic pool cleaners. To aid with maintenance, they come installed with bags and filters, and possibly a cleaning tool as an accessory.

The bag of your robotic cleaner should be emptied and cleaned regularly. The accompanying cleaning tool should be used when cleaning the main brushes at the sides and beneath the robotic pool cleaner. This process aids in preventing malfunction by eliminating the possibility of debris accumulation.

It is advisable to opt for your robotic pool cleaners brand’s services and support, to help with replacement parts and maintenance.

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How Often Should You Clean Your Pool

It is ideal to clean your pool about once or twice in a week depending on how dirty the pool is. For effective pool cleaning, it’s crucial you leave your robotic cleaner to roam around your pool for approximately two hours.


Our Top Robotic Pool Cleaner Picks

Our Top Pick: Dolphin Premier

The Dolphin Premier Robotic 2018 is among the best automatic pool cleaners you can find available on the market today. Along with cleaning the bottom of the swimming pool, the device is flexible enough to climb up the walls and clean those as well. It comes with smart control having a weekly timer so that your pool will be cleaned without you having to remember to set the cleaning. It also offers a tangle-free swivel, so you will never come home only to discover that the robotic pool cleaner got stuck in a corner and didn’t do an adequate job.

Our "Budget" Pick: Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robotic Pool CleanerThe Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an "affordable" robotic pool cleaner. The robot can thoroughly clean an average swimming pool in about 2 hours. Once in operation, the sensors can also detect barriers in the base of your pool, avoid them and return to the charted path without minimal interruption in its cleaning routine. Some robotic pool cleaners would cost you a fortune to do this, but the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus does this at the price of a top-end pressure-side pool cleaner, without the few 100 dollars’ extra costs for a booster pump.